My name is Antranik Zekian. I have been passionate about photography since my childhood. After working for several years as an engineer, I chose to become a freelance photographer.

To gain a better understanding of our world, I decided to travel the globe for two and a half years, alone and on a motorcycle. I only carried the bare essentials with me, which obviously included my camera. This experience gave me the chance to meet a multitude of different people and cultures, while allowing me to build a large portfolio.

This incredible adventure allowed me to meet animist tribes in Burma, to live with sea gypsies on the island of Bornee or to embark off the Colombian coast on the boats of the Kuna Yala Indians. My desire to bear witness to the incredible beauty of our land has taken me to places as remote as the Dash-e-Kavir desert in Iran, the depths of the Malaysian jungle or even to cross the Arctic Circle in Antarctica.

Through my photographic work I want to illustrate the natural and cultural diversity of our planet, while recalling its fragility. The aestheticism of photography, a concrete art but which leaves full room for the subjectivity of the public, makes it a powerful tool for bringing our society to question itself.

I have exhibited my work at festivals such as “La Journée des Talents” in Lyon. I have worked with non-governmental associations and private companies including the Union Générale Arménienne de Bienfaisance, the Rhône Regional Council and BMW Motorrad.

In parallel to this photographic work, I host conferences on request, in order to share my experience with the public.

I also offer on request: Portrait shooting (studio and outdoor), photo reports for companies or individuals, introductory courses in photography and digital post production.

To find out about availability or for any other question, Contact Me.


Today I continue actively shooting. Being more sedentary now I am developing a more technical approach to photography, working more often in studio or exploring macro photography.


The blog tracing back my two and a half years of motorcycle travel around the world

My 365 Project: one photo per day, every day