Project Description

« Polar life, and moreover in a group, does not allow any make-up, no subterfuge, no cheating. We show ourselves as we are: the man we are at the bottom of ourselves and whom we ourselves ignore … » – Paul Emile-Victor

« The polar regions leave on those who have faced the worst trials there an imprint of which men who have never left the civilized world can hardly understand the power » – Ernest Shackleton

« Antarctica has this force of attraction of inaccessible things which call on Man to engage with passion. So we never come back the same from a long stay on the white continent. In this universe without landmarks, odorless, without color other than blue and white, without noise other than that of the wind, in this world of infinite sensory poverty, Man has no other way out than to learn to tame himself. When we have forgotten that it is cold, that the silence is infinite, that we have let go of the hustle and bustle of the world, when the essential is reduced to few things, we feel the happiness of life growing in ourselves. harmony, that pleasant feeling where, in all serenity, you feel good where you dreamed of being.» – Jean-Louis Etienne